Mobile Technology

Portable solutions (BlackBerry, Android, IOS) show the company's dynamism,
provide instant access to data, account for the ability to use geo-location in order to access information on the state of my services and products any time;
and portability brings the opportunity to develop business from anywhere.


Our applications are designed to be used on the platforms with the greater market presence (BlackBerry, Android and IOS) , thus ensuring that all users have access to our solutions.


All our products are designed with instant access to data in mind, so as to ensure that accurate information is available to our customers at the right moment, for a timely decision making.


All our products are designed considering the parameters of geo-location so that the customer has always the possibility of knowing the status and location of all his products and services whenever he needs them.


All our products are intended and designed to work on mobile devices, what guarantees that portability is a reality, in order to turn them into a tool that adds competitiveness and agility to our customers' toolboxes.